Syncing Outlook Contact Groups Through iTunes

Contacts are nothing more than address book entries for family, friends, and more.  A good contacts program allows you to place contacts into groups for easy searching and organization.  While iTunes provides the ability to sync contact groups between Microsoft Outlook and your iPhone/iPad, it can be a little tricky to enable it properly.  This article outlines how to properly sync Outlook contact groups with your iPhone/iPad.

Under the Apps tab for your iDevice in iTunes, you can control contact syncing.  As you can see below, iTunes does not display any of my contact groups.  After syncing with the settings below, all my contacts appear on my iDevice – but no groups are present.

Below, you can see that iTunes sees my contact groups and after syncing displays the groups properly on my iDevice.

So what happened?  iTunes does not recognize Outlook Contact Groups, it only recognizes Outlook Contact Folders (and considers those Contact Groups).  So simply create contact folders (open outlook, go to your contacts, create a folder), place your contacts in those folders (right click on a contact and “move” to the desired folder), sync through iTunes, and check out your Contact groups in your iDevice.