Nook Tablet

Rooting your Nook Tablet

The Nook Tablet is a low cost, quality color eBook reader that includes the functionality and performance of a full fledged tablet. Unfortunately, customization of the Nook Tablet is locked down and application selection is restricted to the poor selection within the Nook Store. To unlock (or root) your Nook allowing for full customization (ex. change the interface) and access other app stores (ex. Google/Android, Amazon), follow the instructions below:


  • a Nook 8GB or 16GB tablet running software version 1.4.2 (Settings | Device Info | About Your Nook | Software Version)
  • a micro SD card at least 4GB in size which will be completely erased
  • willingness to “brick” (i.e. make useless) your Nook and or void its warranty


  • Follow the instructions outlined here to create an SD root card and to root your Nook.  Those instructions are easy to follow and include video tutorials (i.e. no need to reproduce them here).
  • While the instructions above are great, they are also geared towards Windows users and do not provide instructions on how to create an SD root card on a Mac.  To create an SD root card on a Mac:
    • Download the custom SD root card image linked in the instructions above (note: I had to disable my gateway antivirus to download this file as it was incorrectly identified as a virus).
    • Write down the local path to the downloaded IMG file (ex. /Users/jesse/Downloads/Nook/NT16or8gbV4_6imagefile.img).  I’ll refer to this later as the IMG path.
    • Start a terminal session
    • Run “diskutil list” to see the disk path to your SD card (ex. mine was /dev/disk1).  I’ll refer to this as the “disk path”.
    • Run “diskutil unmountDisk DISKPATH” replacing the word “DISKPATH” with the disk path above.  This will disconnect any open conenctions to the SD card.
    • Prefix word “disk” in the disk path with an “r” (ex. “/dev/rdisk1”).  I’ll refer to this as the “rdisk path”.
    • Run the command below filing in the IMGPath and the rDiskPath (ensure there are no spaces in the disk path):
      • sudo dd if=IMGPath of=rDiskPath bs=1m
      • Ex. sudo dd if=/Users/jesse/Downloads/Nook/NT16or8gbV4_6imagefile.img of=/dev/rdisk1 bs=1m