Ripping a DVD movie to a single VOB

There are many programs that will convert DVD movies to video files, playable on devices like iPhones, iPod’s, PSP’s, etc.  While those programs are convenient, they are also typically limited in advanced functionality, cost money, and or come filled with spyware.  In addition, a lot of these programs only convert unprotected DVD’s (ex. home movie DVD’s as opposed to retail movie DVD’s).  This post outlines how to easily convert a movie on protected or unprotected DVD’s into a single VOB file with a simple right click.

NOTE: Legally you are only allowed to unprotect and copy Protected DVD’s if you own them.  For example, you would be breaking the law if you followed the instructions below on DVD’s you borrowed or rented.  Be smart and don’t break the law.

What is a VOB File?
A VOB file is simply a container for DVD video and audio.  Typically, a movie DVD is protected (i.e. can’t copy) and splits a movie into several VOB files (your DVD player reads these files and plays them back, one after one).  Following the instructions in this post, you can unprotect (i.e. copy) the main movie on a DVD to a single VOB file (making it easier for you and other applications to work with).

The Setup

  1. Download and install DVD Decrypter from the following site:
  2. Copy the text below to a file called ContextMenu.REG.  Double click on the file and choose yes when prompted to make changes to your system.
    [text]Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOTDriveshellRipMainVOB] @=”Rip Main VOB”

    [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOTDriveshellRipMainVOBcommand] @=””C:Program FilesDVD DecrypterDVDdecrypter.exe” /MODE FILE /SRC %1 /DEST C:VOBs[DISC_LABEL]VIDEO_TS /FILES MOVIE /SPLIT NONE /Start /Close”

    [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOTDVDshellRipMainVOB] @=”Rip Main VOB”

    [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOTDVDshellRipMainVOBcommand] @=””C:Program FilesDVD DecrypterDVDdecrypter.exe” /MODE FILE /SRC %1 /DEST C:VOBs[DISC_LABEL]VIDEO_TS /FILES MOVIE /SPLIT NONE /Start /Close”
  3. Create a C:VOBs folder (this is where the VOB files will be stored)

The Conversion

  1. Insert the DVD into your computer
  2. Right click on the DVD drive and choose “RIP MAIN VOB”
  3. After you see DVD Decrypter finish, your VOB file should be located at C:VOBs[DVD Title]Video_TS[SomeName].VOB