Resetting your Boxee Box

The Boxee Box is a pretty sweet and pretty much blows the Apple TV out of the water in every possible way.  Full 1080p video, local media streaming in practically any format, tons of free apps, slick design, keyboard remote (or use your iPhone with a free app), local USB and memory ports, Apple Air Play support, iPad media browsing, etc.  Despite all its power, it is not infallible.  After trying the usual fixes (rebooting the box, unplugging and plugging back in, etc), a frozen boot or simply an inability to see your networked media could leave you helpless and frustrated.

A no fail, simple fix is to reset the Boxee Box.  This causes the Boxee Box to delete all customizations (i.e. your settings) and reload it’s base operating system (i.e. resetting it back to the day your first turned it on).  That should remove any corruption that may have been hindering the box’s performance.

To reset the box merely:

  • Power down the Boxee Box
  • Press and hold the power button for 5-10 seconds.  The Boxee logo should turn yellowish orange (instead of its usual green) indicating a successful Recovery Mode boot up.
  • Select the “Factory Restore” option once the menu appears
  • Voila – walk through the setup and the problem should now be gone
Tip: Like Boxee but don’t want to pay for a Boxee Box?  Then just turn any of your computers into a Boxee Box for free – see for more information.