Free (and good) Antivirus from Microsoft

Keeping your computer safe is an extremely challenging task these days.  Spyware, malware, root kits, trojans, and viruses are just a few of the many things attempting to attack your computer and personal files on a daily basis.  Protection from these threats is typically complicated and costly, requiring you to pay for an antivirus product and additionally run an antimalware product (like Adaware or Malwarebytes).

Microsoft eventually entered into this market space by selling its antivirus product called OneCare and providing its antimalware Windows Defender prouct for free.  While Microsoft still provides Windows Defender, it has ceased selling its OneCare product.  Instead now, Microsoft is providing a free, single, antivirus and antimalware product (replacing both OneCare and Defender) called Microsoft Security Essentials.

You can download and install MSE from here:

Current reviews for MSE are very promising.  Besides the price (can’t beat free!), it has gotten great reviews for it’s performance (takes very little system resources, unlike Symantec and similar products), small and quick download, and updates through Windows Update.  If you don’t have an antivirus product or are looking to switch to a new one, give this one a shot (I am and will report back here on any new discoveries).