Controlling the Processes on your Home Server

Note: This article describes controlling processes on Windows home srver, but applies to any Windows system.

If you are like me, you probably have extended your home server past it’s designed use (for example, running your home server as an endpoint protection manager).  These extra processes can eat up the CPU and force the core home server processes to become less responsive.  While in task manager you can lower the priority of these other processes, these settings will become lost at reboot.

To save process priority across reboots, you can use a free program called Prio.  Not only does Prio save process priority, but it does so by consuming almost no resources.  Prio installs as a Windows service (so it will automatically run everytime your home server starts up) and extends the existing task manager to allow you to control processes without needing a separate GUI/application. 

In a real world test running endpoint protection manager on a home server, I set the following antivirus services to low priority and have noticed better overall system response:

  • SmcGui.exe
  • Smc.exe
  • jts.exe
  • rtvscan.exe
  • Semsvc.exe

Note: I also tried the program Process Lasso.  My experience with this application on my home server was horrendous.  The program itself consumed about 10-20% cpu utilization and made the home server so unresponsive, I have to power cycle the system.