Automated Video Processor (AVP)

Videos purchased from iTunes come in standard and or high definition, perfectly formatted for your iDevice, and include features like cover art, movie ratings, description, cast and crew names, subtitles, and more. While purchasing from iTunes is convenient, it can quickly grow to an unacceptable expense (especially if you already have a video file library). AVP is an Automated Video Processor from that automatically encodes and creates iTunes-like videos from the media (ex. AVI, MKV, DVD’s, etc) you already own. AVP

Note: AVP is donationware. It comes completely free of charge without restrictions, advertisements, spyware, time trials, etc. If you do find AVP useful, a PayPal donation of any value to is appreciated.


Wide Support

 Popular Video Formats

Converts popular video formats such as MKV, MOV, WMV, AVI, TS, VOB, M4V, MP4, MPG, FLV, OGM, and more.


Supports encoding from non-encrypted local or network Blu-ray and DVD discs, ISO’s, folders, and or volumes.

 iTunes HD-SD

Automatically creates an iTunes HD-SD video combo from HD sources – enabling you to stream or sync your desired version from iTunes (ex. sync the SD version to your iPhone and stream the HD version to your Apple TV).



Create encodes that will playback on today’s mobile phones, tablets, laptops, PC’s, and Macs without the need for real-time transcoding from software like Plex, PS3MediaServer, Transcode 360, and more.

Ease of Use

Hands-Free Batch Processing

Select single or multiple files and watch them automatically process one after the other.

Quick Activation

Just right click your source media and select Services | AVP to begin encoding.

Smart Automation

Auto Title Selection

Automatically selects and converts the “main movie” title for Blu-ray and DVD sources.

Auto Chapters

Automatically includes chapters from the source media. Better yet when chapters are not found, AVP automatically searches and downloads chapter information or worst case automatically generates them.

Auto Meta-data

Automatically adds video metadata like album art, movie synopsis, director and cast info, movie rating, etc when you have Identify installed and properly configured.

AVP - Identify

Auto Subtitles

Automatically finds and imports SRT subtitles within the source file folder.

Auto Filtering

Automatically crops black bars (reducing final file sizes) as well as deinterlaces interlaced sources (good for 480i files like DVD video or 1080i broadcasted video).

High Performance

Threaded Encoding

Perform your HD-SD encodes in serial or parallel

Stream Optimized Encodes

Automatically optimizes videos for network streaming (i.e. optimize for iTunes home sharing, network or web streaming, etc)

Space Reduction

Shrink your library and storage needs on playback-devices by encoding smaller SD files and more efficiently encoding larger HD files

Cached Based Encoding

Speed up up encoding over slow links or storage (ex. network, non-SSD drive) through cached based encoding.  When enabled, AVP pre-caches source media to your desired location, performs the encode, and then cleans up the cache.  And AVP is smart enough not to cache to the same drive or read-only volumes.

Stay Informed


Using OSX Notifications, AVP keeps you informed of processing status without interrupting your work.  And OSX Notifications queue, allowing you to see all alerts while you were away.

AVP - Notifications

Color Tags

Using OSX Tags, AVP allows you to see the status of  source and output files with a quick glance.

AVP - Tags


AVP emails you status updates using templates you can customize, keeping you informed while you’re on the go.

AVP - Email


Through OSX’s Console, view detailed logging of all AVP’s activities to troubleshoot issues or to just satisfy your curiosity.

AVP - Logging

Stay In Control


Control AVP’s settings through an easy to use customization wizard.

Getting Started





Download, double-click, and install Set your preferences through the configuration wizard. Right click items to encode and choose Services | AVP


Enable automatic meta-data lookups and tagging like movie/TV show title, chapters, poster, actors, etc by purchasing, installing, and configuring iDentify (available through the Mac App Store or The price is cheap but the program is invaluable (I have no affiliation with this program, site, or vendor). Once installed, simply set preferences to ‘Automatically process files and quit’.


AVP was developed for my own personal use but is shared to help others with similar needs. It comes with no support and no guarantees. Use at your own risk.

Q & A

Q. How do I run the AVP configuration wizard?
A. Launch AVPConfig from your Applications folder or from ~/Library/Services/AVP/Pashua

Q. How do I view AVP logging?
A. Launch Console from your Applications/Utilities folder and set the filter to AVP.

Q. How do I view edit the AVP email template?
A. Edit ~/Library/Services/AVP/AVP.html.