Getting easyStore h340 Support Without an SNID

Acer requires a valid SNID (Acer’s 11 digit system ID) to offer anyone support.  For the Acer easyStore h340, the SNID is not on the system, not in the manual, but rather on the box everything came in.  If you are like me, you threw out your box a long time ago and are now without an SNID.  Acer’s automated tech support (800-816-2237) will literally hang up on you if you do not enter a valid SNID (Acer’s 11 digit system ID) and the system offers no way to speak to a human to lookup your SNID.  So now what?  Follow the instructions below to easily find your SNID and get support for your Acer easyStore:

  1. Get your system’s serial number (big number, under the big bar code, all the way on the bottom of the big and only sticker on the back of your easyStore)
  2. Call the main Acer phone number ((408) 533-7700) during hours of operation (the number will tell you)
  3. Folow the prompts to talk to a support operator
  4. Give the operator your serial number so they can look up your SNID
  5. Now call the Acer support number (800-816-2237) and enter your SNID