HandBrake No Valid Source Found Error

Fixing Handbrake’s “No Valid Source Found” Error

HandBrake is my tool of choice for video conversion.  Its free, easy to use, and reliable.  Reliable, until it errors with a message of “No Valid Source Found” after selecting your source video.  Here are some of the common fixes to this error:

Ensure you have a valid source

Sometimes you just have to listen to what the error is telling you.  Check your source.  A simple way to do this is to ensure the video plays in VLC.

Open Source (Title Specific)

Sometimes HandBrake fails at scanning a source (ex. DVD) for titles.  Use the file menu option “File | Open Source (Title Specific)” and enter the desired title number (ex. 1 for the first title).

Remux with Reduced Subtitles

HandBrake will also give you this error if your source MKV file has a ton of subtitle tracks.  If your source video is an MKV, use MKVMerge to remux the video with only the subtitle tracks needed (i.e. open mkvmerge, add your source video, uncheck unwanted subtitle tracks, click start muxing).  Once remuxed, open the new source video in HandBrake.