Fixing Aspect Ratios for MP4/M4V Videos

A squished or stretched video can ruin one’s viewing experience. Normally correcting bad aspect ratios involves manually changing your TV, computer, or application’s aspect ratio or at worst case re-encoding the entire video. This article describes how to permanently change the aspect ratio of any MP4/M4V video within seconds.

  1. Download, install, and launch MP4Tools (this program is powerful, cheap, and worth every penny)
  2. Click “Edit Files” and drag your video into the “Files to edit” area
  3. Enter your desired aspect ratio numbers in the “Change MP4 Pixel Aspect Ratio” and click the “Edit” button below
    (For example, if you want to only double the height of your video – you would enter 1 for width and 2 for height)
  4. Within seconds, you’ll have a new video with your desired aspect ratio – Enjoy!


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