BMW i3 Terms

This is a directory of terms specifically for the BMW i3.  Hopefully it be useful to potential or new owners.  Feel free to submit a new term/definition by clicking on the “submit a name” link.

BMW i3

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There are currently 5 names in this directory beginning with the letter R.
Range Anxiety
Worry that the electric car will run out of battery before reaching your destination.
Regenerative; Usually refers to regenerative braking
Regenerative Braking
Converts the car's momentum into electricity to charge the vehicle's battery while braking.
Range Extender. Optional on the BMW i3, this is a small 2.4 gallon gas powered engine which charges the core batteries when needed. The BMW i3 REX engine is located under the trunk.
Rotopax Tank
A small, 2 gallon gas container. While this container fits in the frunk, you should never store this or any other gas container in the trunk as this is the BMW i3's crumple zone (see crumple zone definition).

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