BMW i3 Terms

This is a directory of terms specifically for the BMW i3.  Hopefully it be useful to potential or new owners.  Feel free to submit a new term/definition by clicking on the “submit a name” link.

BMW i3

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Adaptive Cruise Control; Automatically accelerates to your desired speed and decelerates when a slower vehicle is detected in the car's path.
Battery Electric Vehicle
Modify car settings from your smartphone. This is the easiest way to code your car. Site:
Comfort Charging Electronics; One of two onboard chargers responsible to charge the vehicle's batteries
Check Engine Light
Modifying your vehicle settings through mechanisms like an OBD adapter / cable and coding software
Comfort Mode
Default driving mode with relaxed regenerative braking and full vehicle power
Certified Pre-Owned; Available on used cars sold through BMW dealers, this program extends factory warranties.
Crumple Zone
Area of a car designed to absorb the impact of a collision. The BMW i3 crumple zone is the frunk.
DC Charging
See L3 definition
DC Fast Charge; See L3 definition
DC Quick Charging; See L3 definition
Deka World
A new 2017 basic trim level that includes a combination of dark gray and black cloth, with BMW i blue trim.
Dynamic Traction Control
Driving mode which increases regenerative braking and limits overall vehicle power to extend battery range
Eco-Pro Plus
Eco-Pro+; Driving mode with aggressive regenerative braking, disabled HVAC, and limited top speed to 56 mph (unless ACC is enabled or the gas pedal is stomped) in order to extend battery range.
Electric Vehicle
Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment; i.e. the charger
Fast Charge
See l2 definition
Front Trunk
Giga World
A BMW i3 trim level package which includes a leather and wool trim
Guessometer; Friendly name given to how the BMW i3 "guesses" the amount of range
Hybrid Vehicle
BMW's chassis code (i.e. internal code name) for the i3
An electric car made by BMW
BMW's high end, hybrid/electric sports car with a 3 cylinder ICE engine
A wireless (bluetooth or WIFI - WIFI preferably), OBD adapter by VGate. When combined with BimmerCode, this is one of the easiest ways to code your BMW i3.
Internal Combustion Engine; Typical gas powered vehicle
BMW's infotainment system which controls vehicle settings, navigation, media, radio, and more.
A set of L2 chargers made by Electric Motor Werks
Komfortladeelektronik; See CCE definition
Kilowatt hour; The BMW i3 originally included a 22kWh (60 ah) battery. Starting with the 2017 model, the BMW i3 offers a 33kWh (94 ah) battery for extended range.
Level 1; charging at 120V AC (i.e. standard household electrical outlet) with typical charge times of 13 hours. This is the slowest method of charging.
Level 2; charging at 240V AC which speeds up typical charge times to 3 hours
Not officially defined but commonly referred to as Level 3, rapid charging, DCFC or CCS Combo; commercial high power charging which speeds up typical charge times to 30 minutes
Life Cycle Impulse; BMW's phrase for a cosmetic/minor update to a car model
Level 1
See L1 definition
Level 2
See L2 definition
Level 3
See L3 definition
Bridgestone Blizzak LM-500; a winter tire for the BMW i3
Mega World
A BMW i3 trim level package which includes a light, cloth interior
Miles per gallon gasoline equivalent
On-Board Diagnostics; A vehicle diagnostic system which allows technicians to report on vehicle health and allows owners to configure vehicle settings through coding.
AKA OBD2; Next generation of OBD
Parking Assist
An optional package which includes a rear camera, guides for parking, and guided parallel parking
Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle
Range Anxiety
Worry that the electric car will run out of battery before reaching your destination.
Regenerative; Usually refers to regenerative braking
Regenerative Braking
Converts the car's momentum into electricity to charge the vehicle's battery while braking.
Range Extender. Optional on the BMW i3, this is a small 2.4 gallon gas powered engine which charges the core batteries when needed. The BMW i3 REX engine is located under the trunk.
Rotopax Tank
A small, 2 gallon gas container. While this container fits in the frunk, you should never store this or any other gas container in the trunk as this is the BMW i3's crumple zone (see crumple zone definition).
Side Markers
The bicycle like reflectors located on the front and rear sides of the BMW i3. These are required in the US. The rear reflectors light up.
State of Charge; charge remaining of the EV's battery pack
Tesla's charging system which is only compatible with Tesla vehicles
Tera World
A BMW i3 trim level package which includes a full dark leather interior
Traffic Jam Assistant
Autonomous steering that is design to keep you in lane when driving on highways. This is only available outside the US.
Vehicle Order; vehicle settings configurable by coding
BMW's level 2 charger series for the i3/i8. For more info:

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