Removing Pandora Ads On Your iPhone 4

Years ago, Pandora was an add-free  music service that allowed you to create and customize your own radio stations.  Today, Pandora has popup ads, audio ads, and full page ads that are designed to be unobtrusive but ultimately just annoy.  This article shows you how to easily remove Pandora ads from your iPhone 4.

Method 1: Closing Popups
Pandora’s popup ads can be closed by simply clicking the circled X in the left corner of the ad.

The ad will not reappear for the remainder of the song but a new ad will appear once the next song has begun.  This method does not skip full page ads.

Method 2: Skipping Full Page Ads Using Music Controls
If you have jailbroken your iPhone and have the Cydia application “Music Controls” installed, you can skip full page ads.

Simply double tap the home button to display the “Music Controls” popup controls and then click the skip forward button.  This method does not skip popup ads.

Method 3: Removing popup ads by editing the Pandora.plist
If you have jailbroken your iPhone, you can edit the Pandora.plist (the Pandora app’s file to store property information like username) to instruct Pandora to never display popup  ads.

Simply edit the text file /var/mobile/applications/PandoraAppFolder/Library/Preferences/com.pandora.plist (ex. using the Cydia application iFile), scroll to the very bottom, look for “userReceivesAds”, change the next line from “true” to “false”, and save the file.

This method does not skip full page ads.

Warning: Since this method is essentially hacking the Pandora application, there may be unforeseen repercussions like the application suddenly stops working, you needing to redo this step with every Pandora application upgrade, or even suspension/termination of your Pandora account.

Method 4: Removing all ads by signing up for Pandora One
For a small annual membership fee, you can become a Pandora One member and eliminate all Pandora ads.  Pandora One comes with many other benefits that you can test using Pandora’s free membership trial period.  See the membership page for more information: