Fullscreen Every OSX Application

Apple OSX Lion is the first Mac operating system to feature fullscreen applications.  Unlike the default Microsoft Windows fullscreen, the OSX fullscreen hides the top menu bar and resizes applications to consume the entire screen.  Unfortunately, the OSX application has to be coded to take advantage of this type of fullscreen. Fortunately you can use the “maximizer” tweak to add OSX fullscreen capability to all OSX applications (regardless if they are coded to or not).  Simply go to http://chpwn.com/apps/maximizer.html and follow the simple instructions provided.

After installing and rebooting, every application should now have the Fullscreen button located in the application’s upper right corner.  Click it and your application resizes itself to fullscreen.

Note: While this tweak is free and effective it’s also new and not all applications function properly when switched to fullscreen (ex Mac App Store).  Try it, avoid full screening incompatible apps, and keep checking for either an update to “Maximizer” or to the actual application itself.

Good luck.