Adding or Removing Subtitles within MP4/M4V Videos

Whether you need to add that foreign subtitle because your distant relatives are visiting or need to remove them because your DVD/Blu-ray ripper has gone crazy, adding/removing subtitles on the Mac is a snap.

Adding Subtitles

  1. Download and install Subler
  2. If you need subtitles, download your SRT (subtitle file) from your favorite subtitle site:

    NOTE: Selecting the correct subtitle is key.  Ensure the subtitle is matched to your video file source (i.e. if your video is ripped from DVD, select a subtitle meant for DVD rips).  Ensure your subtitle is in the appropriate language.  Ensure your subtitle covers the parts of the movie you want (ex. foreign speaking parts only, entire movie).  Test your subtitle and ensure the words display when you’d expect them (i.e. not minutes after).

  3. Start Subler and then open your movie (i.e. File | Open | etc…).
  4. Click the upper left “+” button, browse and select your subtitle, and click “Open”.
  5. Press “Add” when prompted to select track
  6. Ensure your subtitle track is checked and select File | Save
  7. Your movie now has a new subtitle track embedded which you can enable when watching through things like VLC, Apple TV, etc.

Removing Subtitles

  1. Download and install Subler
  2. Start Subler and then open your movie (i.e. File | Open | etc…).
  3. Select the desired subtitle track row and then click the upper left circle with a line through it (below the OSX grreen circle) to delete the track
  4. Select File | Save
  5. Your movie now has a subtitle track removed from it