Signs of a good job gone bad

When I was in the midst of leaving my last employer and going to my current, I wrote an online article for BrainBuzz to help others see the signs of being stuck in a bad job and then what to do about it.

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Signs of a Good Job Gone Bad
A job is a relationship, just like any other. Sometimes if you put all your energy into it, that relationship can grow with you and leave you feeling satisfied. But sometimes you can give it your all, only to find your partner (employer) taking and not giving. The focus of this article is to provide you with some of the warning signs of a job gone bad.

We Didn’t Start The Fire
Does it seem like everything is falling apart at your job, and you’re the one to always fix it? If so, it may be time to re-evaluate. While you can take pride in constantly being sought to provide the solutions necessary to fix emergency problems, spending your job patching problems prevents you from implementing new ideas and technologies.

After Midnight
Are you constantly working over-time or being called into work on your time off? A common misconception in this field is that you are expected to work lots of overtime. The truth is, if you wanted to work 80 hours for a $60,000 job, you could take two $30,000 jobs that don’t require the skills and knowledge you have. While overtime is an unforeseen consequence of any job, it shouldn’t be scheduled, continuous, and expected.

Promises, Promises
A common tactic of an employer desperate to keep his/her employees is to promise the world. Things like more training, help, time off, and benefits are common promises heard in this industry. But if you continually receive these promises, only to watch them get pushed back for one reason or another, it may be time to question whether they will ever be delivered.

Leaving on a Jet Plane
Does your company have a high turnover rate? If so, it’s time to find out why. Your job may be a great springboard into your next position, or an intolerable nightmare that others can’t wait to be over. Don’t be caught off guard by a sinking ship.

Don’t Fear The Reaper
Many employees in this field tend to stay at their present jobs, not because they are happy, but because they fear for their jobs. Online resume posting services and technical recruiters are the easiest way to overcome this fear. Put your resume together and get it out into the market. You may find an employer who needs someone with your exact skills.

For The Love of Money
Money may be the reason we all work, but it is not the reason we exist.but it is not the reason we exist. If you are spending too much time working at your job or are becoming stressed out for a high-paying job, it may be time to re-evaluate your priorities. First comes your health. Without it, you cannot perform your job well and live a happy life. Second comes family and friends. While you make think your working a lot of hours is to give your family what they need, they may simply need more time with you.

Psalms of The Aftermath
Okay, so you’ve accepted a new position and have given your two weeks notice. Now is the time to help your current employer improve on the very topics that caused you to leave. Gather the reasons you and others were unhappy at work, and present it to your employer in a kind and tasteful manner at your exit interview.

In conclusion, work shouldn’t be something we cringe from, but a rewarding challenge that enriches our lives. Since a majority our time on earth is spent working, don’t let yourself become trapped in a job you hate. Your family, friends, and employer will all thank you for it.