Online Lego Set Building Instructions

What’s worse than losing a lego piece when trying to build a 5,195 Millennium Falcon?  I’ll tell you – losing the instruction booklets to build it.  OK, that exact scenario has never happened to me (I don’t have the luxury of owning $500 lego sets) but I have lost the instruction books needed to build my son’s 789 lego piece set he just got for Christmas.  I have also lost the instruction books for lego sets my son has had for a while, has taken apart, and now wants to put back together.

Well, if this sort of thing has happened to you as well – you are now in luck.  Lego stores its building instruction books online for sets sold as far back as 2002.  You can easily search for your set, view the book online, download the instructions, or print them out.  Enjoy.