Building Your Own Home Theater


Before building your home theater you need to determine the best location and how to make it home theater ready.

Theater 1.0

Theater 1.0 was a modest improvement over the traditional home theater setup with the use of a built-in to provide both functionality and style. In the Theater 3.0 galleries, you\'ll see how this built-in literally set the stage for the theater I have today.

Theater 2.0

Theater 2.0 showed how a little woodwork and rearranging some furniture can bring big improvements. This iteration focused on building a simple platform to add stadium seating to an existing pair of couches.

Theater 3.0 (Construction)

Theater 3.0 construction built out the major components to transform the space into a real home theater. Three tier stadium theater seating, 146\" 16:9 HD projection, and backlit poster boxes are just the start.

Theater 3.0 (Completion)

Theater 3.0 completion contains the final touches that transform the space into a real home theater. It\'s pictures like this that should motivate anyone to build their own.