Best settings for the Sony a7R III Alpha Mirrorless Camera

The Sony a7R III Alpha Mirrorless Camera is an amazingly powerful, high resolution, full frame mirrorless camera with a million configurable settings.  This article outlines my personal best settings to get the most out of the Sony a7R III:

11File FormatRAWSaves images in a high quality format
11RAW File TypeCompressedKeeps image sizes manageable but at a slight reduction in image quality
13Select MediaSlot 2Saves images to the slower SD card (as the faster slot will store video)
110Spot Metering PointFocus Point LinkUse the touchscreen to set the focus metering point
111Red Eye ReductionOnHelps avoids having to post process remove red eye
21File FormatXAVC S 4KRecords video in 4K
21Record Setting24p 100M
24Silent ShootingOnEliminates the paparazzi clicking when taking continuous photos
26Grid LineRule of 3rds GridEases taking photos according the the rule of 3rds by overlaying a grid
32Edit Device NameWhatever you want
32Bluetooth Settings | Bluetooth FunctionOnAllows bluetooth connectivity to your camera
52Display QualityHighIncreases the view finder quality to maximum
52Touch OperationOnEnables the touch screen
56Rec. Media Settings | Prioritize Rec. MediaSlot 1Saves video to the faster SD card slot
56Rec. Media Settings | Auto Switch MediaOnWhen the primary SD card becomes full, the camera will start using the backup SD card
23Marker DisplayOnEnables you to see marker lines
23Marker Settings | Aspect2.35:1Cinematic aspect ratio for marker lines
25Zoom SettingOn:ClearImage ZoomExtends optical zoom without losing clarity
28Custom Key (Photo) | Focus Hold Button (Page 3)Eye AFSets the Focus Button (available on GM, G, and some other Sony lenses) to Eye Auto Focus