Rodgerson Circle

My friend and former bandmate Junior ( passed away on April 18, 2009 and this post is about my memories of our cover band “Rogerson Circle”.

I was in the band Rogerson Circle with Junior (year must have been 1998). This was an american cover band that only lasted a few months (we had trouble finding a good bass player and then a main vocalist). The band consisted of myself (main guitar), Junior (vocals, backup vocals, main drums), John Pereria (main keyboards, backup vocals, drums), Jen Veilleux (main vocals –, and ? (don’t remember this guy’s name at all – main bass, vocals, backup vocals). The band was named after the street Junior’s house at the time was on (Rogerson Circle – Bridgeport, CT) and which was also the place where we practiced.

As Rogerson Circle, we practiced for months but only played 1 gig at a bar I believe in Fairfield. We did semi-professionally record a 4 track album of cover songs and I have uploaded all of these songs (MP3’s) to this website, You can access the music below.

The 4 songs are:

  • Aeroplane by Red Hot Chili Peppers: Junior is the main singer here and I believe played the drums
  • Another Bites the Dust by Queen: Junior sings backup vocals and I believe played the drums. Listen to the end of this song when I say the word “PLOW” (which is a funny reference from the movie “Dead Man on Campus” – – where the character Matt Noonan talks about a dream he had and then says “PLOW” a few times). You can then clearly hear Junior’s unique laugh along with myself, John P, and others.
  • Man in the Box by Alice in Chains: Junior sings backup vocals and I believe played the drums. We (Junior, John, and I) also played this song on occasion in the band Illusions.
  • Zombie by the Cranberries: Junior sings backup vocals and I believe played the drums

Maybe John P has a better memory than I do of Rogerson Circle and can help fill in some of the blanks above. I was in 2 bands (Illusions and Rogerson Circle) with Junior (and John P) and while Rogerson Circle was only together for a short period of time, it was the most fun I ever had playing music and the most fun I ever had together with Junior.