Goodbye WII Discs!

My kids love the WII and nothing is a better sign of that than the pile of scratched WII discs lying scattered in a drawer or buried within the couch somewhere.  Besides the games that have gone missing in action, some of these games are now completely unplayable in the WII (regardless of whatever scratch repair method I apply to them).  I look forward to the day when everything is digital (not driving to the store to buy games, no losing discs, no scratching discs, etc).  Until then, you can either live with it or hack around it.  This post outlines how you can get rid of your WII discs and play games off of a portable hard drive.


  • You must have some technical known how (ex. know how to take computers apart, put back together, understand tech instructions, have patience, etc)
  • You must be willing to open up your WII and void your warranty
  • You don’t hold me accountable for anything that could go wrong here 😉


You’ll likely end up spending $200 if you follow my outline below.  While that is a high cost (the cost of the WII), it is worth it when you think of how many games you’ll save from being scratched or lost (in addition to other benefits this solution gives you).

  1. Buy and install a Wode Jukebox (
    The Wode Jukebox ( is a device that loads games from an external USB drive, tricking your WII into thinking it was loaded from the DVD drive.  The Wode Jukebox soderlessly connects between your WII’s internal motherboard and it’s internal DVD drive, allowing you to load games from the DVD drive or from an external USB hard drive.  Visit the link above to learn more (about the product, where to buy, how to install, etc).
  2. Buy and connect an external USB drive
    You can buy any external USB hard drive.  I recommend getting a drive larger than 500GB, since the size of each game is 4.5GB.  If you buy a self powered hard drive (i.e. it does not come with a power supply), you will need to also buy and connect a powered USB hub as the Wode Jukebox does not supply enough power to run non powered USB drives.
  3. Rip games to the USB drive
    THIS PART IS AWESOME. With the Wode Jukebox, you can simply insert any original WII disc into your WII and then have the Wode Jukebox make a copy of of the disc to the USB drive.  That’s a great and easy way to store your entire game library on a single hard drive, and then store all your original game discs away in a safe place.
    NOTE: This also allows you to borrow or rent games from others and copy them to your USB drive.  Making or using  duplicates of copyrighted materials you do not own is considered piracy and is illegal.  Only make and  use backups of discs you actually own.
  4. Play games from the USB drive (or even the DVD drive)
    With the Wode Jukebox installed, USB drive connected, and games ripped to the USB drive, you are ready to select a game from the WODE LCD and joystick and start playing.You can also put the Wode Jukebox in “flat” mode, allowing you to run games directly from discs (as opposed to from the USB drive).
  5. Enjoy