BMW technologies

Repairing the BMW i3 Backrest Fabric

The backrest of the BMW i3 driver and passenger seats has a thin, glued on fabric center that’s vulnerable to staining, ripping, and disconnecting. This article will show you how to repair the BMW i3 Seat backrest fabric. Get yourself some molding and trim removal tools if you do not...

Android and iPhone Mirroring in your BMW i3

BMW’s iDrive system provides one of the industry’s best in car access to entertainment, navigation, text messaging, and more.  Despite its advancements, it is no match for the power of a cell phone which is able to run an endless library of navigation apps like Waze or Google/Apple Maps, media...

BMW i3 Gear, Upgrades, Modifications, and Hacks

The number of accessories, tweaks, hacks, upgrades, etc to the BMW i3 seems endless.  This is an extremely tweak able car with a large community of enthusiasts behind it. Here is a collective list of various accessories and tweaks I’ve found and may complete at some point:   Accessories ☐...

BMW i3 Terms

This is a directory of terms specifically for the BMW i3.  Hopefully it be useful to potential or new owners.  Feel free to submit a new term/definition by clicking on the “submit a name” link.