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Create Windows like shortcuts with parameters

Mac OSX doesn’t allow you to create shortcuts like Windows. The closest thing is to create an OSX alias but that doesn’t allow parameters (ex. create a Screen Sharing shortcut that connects to a specific computer). To create a Windows like shortcut with parameters on the Mac: Create a new...

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Format Seconds (HH:MM:SS)

A routine to convert seconds to hh:mm:ss (hours:minutes:seconds).

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Get Elapsed Seconds

A routine to calculate the amount of seconds from a given start date/time.

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Copy File or Folder Path

Copies the full path of a file or folder to the clipboard within Apple OS X Requirements: Apple OS X Very basic knowledge of Automator Install Instructions: Create an Automator Service and set it to receive “selected files and folders” in “any application” Add a “Run AppleScript” action and add...

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Backing up a MySQL Database

Shows how to backup a MySQL database from the command line. WARNING: Restoring from this backup will cause any existing database with the given name to be deleted prior to the restore.

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Playing an Audio File

Plays a given audio file.

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Ejecting all CD Trays

Ejects all CD/DVD drives.

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Ejecting a CD Tray

How to eject a CD/DVD tray.

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Closing a CD Tray

How to close a CD/DVD tray.

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Creating a SQL Login (for a Windows Login or Group)

Creates a SQL login for a given Windows user login or group name.

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